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In collaboration with the TACSEI Center and the IDEA 619 Consortium, ITCA is pleased to provide a series of webinars on the social emotional development of young children. The series was developed in response to the emerging body of research related to the importance of social emotional development as a stepping stone to positive outcomes for young children. Since CAPTA legislation has resulted in increased referrals of children with potential delays in this important developmental domain, ITCA members have requested increased information and technical assistance on this topic. This topic is equally relevant to those individuals who serve preschoolers with disabilities.

View our Webinars:

•The First Three Years of Life Last Forever: Building an Early Childhood System that Supports Early Childhood Mental Health
This Webinar focues on: QRIS (Focus on Social-Emotional Development), The Early Childhood Budget, and Alternative Financing (School Readiness Tax Credits).
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Webinar Author: Geoffrey Nagle, PhD, LCSW, MPH (Download Geoffrey Nagles' bio)

•Screening for Social & Emotional Development & Linking to Program Planning
The Objectives of this Webinar are to introduce selected tools, review psychometrics & utility, compare & contrast tools for different settings and discuss linking to program planning.
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Webinar Author: Jane Squires, Ph.D. (Download Jane Squires' bio)

•Integrating Early Childhood Social Emotional Development into Early Childhood Systems
This presentation reviews the fundamentals of early childhood mental health and the implications of young children’s social emotional development for their long-term outcomes. The importance of early brain development and caregiver mental health (especially depression) are highlighted. Strategies for integrating mental health services and supports are offered, with a focus on Part C (Early Intervention) systems.
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Webinar Author: Deborah Perry, Ph.D. (Download Deborah Perrys' bio)

•Social Emotional Work in Early Care and Learning Settings: Working Towards
a Systems Approach in Kansas

This presentation will discuss the historical framework for an emerging systems approach to promoting Early Childhood Mental Health. We will share our goals, strategies and barriers to implementing a strategic plan for Early Childhood Mental Health. We will also identify potential resources to build a systems approach to strengthening Early Childhood Mental Health and social-emotional supports for children and families.
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Webinar Authors: Tiffany Smith, Carol Ayres, Peggy Miksch. (Download bios here)

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