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Headline: 2011 Part C Regulations

ITCA Topical Webinars
•Procedural Safeguards & Data Requirements Webinar
•Procedural Safeguards
•Data Collection
•2011 Federal Part C Regulations
2011 Part C Regulations Side by Side
•Subpart - A
•Subpart - B
•Subpart - C
•Subpart - D
•Subpart - E
•Subpart - F
•Subpart - G
•Subpart - H
•Evaluation & Assessment and Eligibility Regulations
•Finance Slides
•Finance Side by Side Regulations

•Child Find, Public Awareness, Evaluation & Assessment Slides
•Child Find, Public Awareness, Evaluation & Assessment Side by Side Regulations
•IFSP & Transition Webinar
•IFSP & Transition Regulations

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