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Headline: Guidelines for good results. Orientation Resource Manual
Our “Orientation & Resource Manual” is purposefully designed to help Part C Coordinators, both new and experienced, better understand and implement the early intervention strategies most beneficial to each individual and family. This resource attempts to meet these needs by providing the materials and documents used throughout the process. As content is continually updated, please check back often to stay current.
•IDEA Statute
Part A | Part B | Part C | Part D
•IDEA Regulations
Part B | Part B, 619 | Part C
•Related Legislation
HIPAA: Statute | Regulations
FERPA: FERPA Regulations
Section 504
Keeping Families and Children
Safe Act of 2003

•Association Publications related
to Finance

2005 ITCA Medicaid Technical
Assistance Paper
(PDF is 3MB)

Appendices to the 2005 ITCA Medicaid Technical Assistance Paper

Appendix Table of Contents
AppA Great Society Overview
AppB 2005 FPL with Explanation
AppC FPL 2005 chart
AppD Dual Eligible Medicaid and Medicare Definition
AppE NGA Medicaid Paper
AppF Families USA Analysis of NGA Medicaid Position Paper
AppG AAP Medicaid Policy Statement
AppH CBPP Summary of Cost Sharing Data
AppI http listings
AppJ ITCA Medicaid Resource Paper
AppK FMAP Chart
AppL AAP Periodicity Schedule
AppM CMS Promising Practices Summary
AppO NASHP 2000 Report on CSHCN and Managed Care
AppP HHS Rpt to Congress on MC and Individuals with SHCN
AppQ SMD re TCM 011901
AppR Title V Interagency Agreements Regulations
AppS 2003 AMCHP Report Title V and Part C
AppT SSI 3200 Reg Changes
AppU SSI Deeming
AppV List of Relevant Data Elements
AppW AAP Model Language re Medical Necessity
AppX OMB CircularA87
AppY Medical Claims Simplification

Federal Finance Resources to Support Part C Systems

Family Cost Participation Survey Summary: Part 1, Part 2
(Note: These are large files. Part 1 is a 1.9MB PDF file, Part 2 is a 5.4MB PDF file)

Family Cost Participation Executive Summary

Rate Methodology


•ITCA Position Papers
•OSEP Organizational Chart
•Annotated List of System Components
•OSEP Policy Letters

Child Find
Redacted – 2/2004
Ingraham, 7/2004

Complaint Resolution/ Procedural Safeguards
Redacted – 8/2003
OSEP, 7/2000
Kane 11/2005
Munday 11/2005
Pippins 11/2005
Berliner, 11/2007

Evaluation/Eligibility Issues
Goodman, 10/2003
Goodman, 11/2003
Redacted – Maine 9/2000
Gardner, 5/2001
Knickrehm, 5/2001

Family Involvement
Dear Colleagues, 1/2001

Finance Issues
Pickard, 10/2000
Champus, 12/2000
Sears, 1/2001
Byrd, 4/2001
Biggert, 2/2002
Gomm, 11/2002
Watson, 11/2002
Perry, 3/2007

IFSP Services
Gully, 4/2004
Goodman, 3/2003
Steele, 3/2003
Redacted – 6/2003
Wilson, 2/2002
Howard, 11/2002
Redacted, 9/2007
Kane, 9/2007

Holmes, 8/2000
Baker, 9/2000

Barnett, 5/2001

Natural Environment
Redacted – Missouri 11/2000
Skelton, 6/2001
Shelby, 8/2001
Redacted – Washington 7/2002
Redacted – Washington 8/2002

Morris, 6/2005

Elder 2/2004

Tribal Issues
Goings, 8/2000


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