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Headline: Board Approved Surveys

The Association collects data from multiple surveys in order to develop position papers, to showcase effective practices, to provide technical assistance, and to establish Part C needs at the national, regional, and state levels. Current survey results and information is provided below:

Board-approved Surveys

•'13 State Challenges
•'13 Status of Part C Data Systems
•'12 State Challenges
•'12 Finance Survey
•'11 State Challenges
•'10 State Challenges
•'10 Finance Survey
•CSPD Report
•Lead Agency SICC and Family
Involvement Report

•Medicaid Utilization Survey
•'09 Family Fee Report
•'09 Finance Survey -
Family Cost Participation

•'09 Finance Survey - Fund Sources
•'09 Finance Survey - Demographic

•'09 Finance Survey - Use of Private
and Public Insurance

•'09 Annual Survey Report -

•'09 Annual Survey Report -
-State Challenges

•Use of Medicaid for Early
-Intervention Services


Board-approved Surveys
(Archived Pre 11/12/09)

•Data Questionnaire Report
•Coordinator Position Survey Results
•The Association's National Surveys
National Survey Instructions (pdf)
Blank Survey (pdf)
•Alternative or Complementary
Therapies & Approaches Survey Results

•CAPTA State Initiatives

•'08 OSEP Meeting Survey
•'07 Annual Survey
•'07 CAPTA Survey

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