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Headline: We're making connections.

We are your online link to the resources that are helping to improve the lives of infants and toddlers with special needs.

We believe that every successful early childhood intervention is the result of a cooperative spirit — the coordination and collaboration of many individuals who share a goal to help infants and toddlers with developmental challenges. This site is all about making the right connections, and here, you will find the core information to assist you… Our mission is carefully structured to support the Early Intervention System for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities of the IDEA Part C.

We work in partnership with a wide variety of agencies, organizations, and universities to provide the latest news in Part C administration. The links above offer current ideas and insights on the issues and best practices of early childhood intervention. We encourage you to explore and use this site to its fullest potential for the benefit of every child and family that you serve.

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Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program Director

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